Fall In Love With Pigeon Forge

Fall is right around the corner, and we all know what that means – football, pumpkin flavored treats, fall foliage and festivals! Fall is an especially significant time in Southern Appalachia. Historically, fall meant it was time to harvest crops to get you through the wintertime, and craft products that would keep the entire family entertained throughout the coldest months of the year.

September and October is a great time to visit Pigeon Forge to experience the true history and culture of this area, and of course to see the beautiful fall foliage portrait of oranges, reds and yellows that the Great Smoky Mountains paint for us this time of year. This is also a great time to find authentic and unique crafts and gifts, especially for those who are already thinking about Christmas shopping!

The 40th Annual Pigeon Forge Rotary Club Craft Fair begins September 26th and continues through October 24th. Handmade items from the area’s most talented artists and crafters will be available for sale. The Craft Fair is located at Patriot Park and is open from 10 am to 6 pm. Admission is a freewill donation that will be distributed to local and area charities. For more information on the Pigeon Forge Rotary Club Craft Fair, visit our event page here.

The Old Mill will be hosting Heritage Day at the Old Mill Square on September 26th from 10 am to 6 pm. Along with crafts there will also be live demonstrations, music and entertainment, and lots of kids’ activities including a petting zoo and train rides. Admission is free and be sure to bring chairs and blankets so you can spend the day enjoying the festivities! Find out more information about the Old Mill Heritage Day here, or visit www.oldmillheritageday.com.

Harvest Celebration Crafters will display their handmade crafts and demonstrate their talents at Dollywood, October 2nd-31st. During this time, artists from all over the country will join those crafters that you can see year round at Dollywood for a true celebration of the traditional arts. Some of the featured booths this year include dulcimers, woodworking, natural stone jewelry and flutes, chainsaw carvings, and so much more, and can be found throughout the park. For more information on Dollywood’s Harvest Celebration Crafters, visit http://www.dollywood.com/themepark/crafts/Harvest-Celebration-Crafters.

We hope that you will join us during this beautiful and festive time in Pigeon Forge and learn what makes this area and its people so special!

Meet Martha! Our Pigeon Forge Mascot

There’s a new bird in town! The City of Pigeon Forge is welcoming its newest resident to the area – meet Martha the passenger pigeon. Martha is the official mascot of the City of Pigeon Forge, and is named in honor of a notable passenger pigeon.

Let’s take a quick trip back to the late 1700s and early 1800s era in Pigeon Forge. The historic Old Mill as it is now referred to was just in its prime, the ‘forge’ that contributed to the city’s name was not even in the works yet, and passenger pigeons filled the sky and lined the trees of the river. This was the beginnings of the Pigeon Forge that you know today.

The river that runs through the city was eventually named Little Pigeon River because of the passenger pigeons that roosted along it. Take the name of the river, plus the ‘forge’ that Isaac Love constructed in 1817, and there you have it – Pigeon Forge!

Unfortunately, passenger pigeons are extinct today. The last living passenger pigeon was named Martha after George Washington’s wife. Martha the passenger pigeon lived at the Cincinnati Zoo her entire life. When Martha passed away in 1914, her body was sent to the Smithsonian Museum where she was preserved and put on display.

The mascot will serve as a tribute to both the rich history of Pigeon Forge and Martha. She will most likely be seen at city-wide events, and will even travel across state lines to excite others about Pigeon Forge, the Land of More.

For more information about Pigeon Forge and Martha, visit MyPigeonForge.com or call 1-800-251-9100. To learn more about the history of Pigeon Forge, visit CityofPigeonForge.com.

Where would you like to see Martha while visiting Pigeon Forge? Let us know on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MyPigeonForgeTN.

Nominations Open for Wild Equine and Burro Advisory Board

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today introduced that it’s seeking public nominations on the 45-day period to fill three positions on its national Wild Equine and Burro Advisory Board.&nbsp That need considering for appointment, nominations should be posted via email or fax by Monday, September 28, 2015, or postmarked through the same date.&nbsp The BLM introduced its formal request nominations on Friday, August 13, 2015, within the Federal Register (https://federalregister.gov/a/2015-20080).

Top 5 Places to Cool Off in Pigeon Forge

We are in the heart of summer and the days are getting hot. There is nothing more refreshing than cooling off in the water. Pigeon Forge has lots of great spots for your family to beat the heat during your summer visits.

  1. Dollywood’s Splash Country takes the prize for the largest water attraction in town. With slides, rides, pools, and a lazy river, you can spend a whole day cooling off and having fun. There is fun to be had by the whole family from the babies to the grandparents. Our girls’ favorite things to do are ride down the Raging River Rapids on a family raft as well as catch the waves in the wave pool, Mountain Waves. There are also a few water rides at Dollywood like Daredevil Falls and River Battle or if you are hanging out there, you can always go enjoy some AC while watching one of the top notch shows.
  1. Nature offers plenty of streams and waterfalls throughout the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Since the temps tend to be a little cooler up in the mountains, this fresh running water is also cool and refreshing. We love taking off our shoes and dipping our feet in!! 
  1. The Outdoor Gravity Park has the H2OGO and the Fishpipe rides that both involve water. Both of these are great ways for those adventure seekers in your family to have some fun and get wet. We are already braving up and getting excited to try these on our next visit!!
  1. Whether we are at The Track or at the new Bear Country Fun Park, our kids love riding around squirting each other on the Blaster Boats. It becomes a little family competition and we usually all end up soaked!! With so many activities at both parks, we usually ride the carts and come back and cool off on the Blaster Boats several times during our visit.
  1. There are some great water attractions at many of the area hotels. Here you can find outdoor and indoor pools, water slides, lazy rivers and more. Relaxing poolside is a great activity any time of the day!!

The summer heat doesn’t have to stop you while you are visiting Pigeon Forge. Go cool off at one of these top spots!!

Secretary Jewell Lauds President’s Signing of Boulder Whitened Clouds Legislation

WASHINGTON &ndash U.S. Secretary from the Interior Sally Jewell today recommended Leader Obama for signing into law an invoice that designates three new backwoods areas encompassing about 275,665 acres in Idaho as aspects of the nation’s Backwoods Upkeep System releases four backwoods study areas to ensure that the land might be handled for multiple-use activities and offers for many land conveyances in Idaho.

Pigeon Forge Honors America’s Heroes in August

Pigeon Forge pays tribute to America’s heroes the entire month of August with the Celebrate Freedom!™ Discount Program and the Veterans Homecoming Parade.

The Celebrate Freedom!™ Discount Program lasts August 1st until August 31st in Pigeon Forge. During this time, participating businesses throughout the city offer special discounts to active duty military and veterans, police officers, firefighters and other first responders. It is just a small gesture to thank these men and women for all they do for us year round. To see a full list of businesses that are participating in the Celebrate Freedom Discount Program and the discounts offered, visit http://www.mypigeonforge.com/events/celebrate-freedom/.

The Veterans Homecoming Parade will be held on Saturday, August 29th. The parade honors all veterans that have served to protect this country. This year the parade will pay a special tribute to Vietnam Veterans in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. The parade will begin at 9:00 am at traffic light #8 (Dollywood Lane) on the Parkway and will end at traffic light #5 (Jake Thomas Road).

For more information about the Veterans Homecoming Parade, visit http://www.mypigeonforge.com/events/welcome-home-veterans-parade/.