Great Stay at the Clarion Suites Maingate near Disney World in Kissimmee

Clarion Suites Maingate near Disney World

Clarion Suites Maingate near Disney World

The close proximity that this hotel has to Disney World makes it an excellent choice for anyone choosing to make plans to attend their next Disney vacation. Located in the Kissimmee area, this is your main entrance to the Magic Kingdom, whether you are traveling by yourself or your entire family. There are at least 150 rooms of comfort and even though you will be taking advantage of the local theme parks, it will be good to know that the comfort you experience here will be as good as your home, or better.

The first thing you will notice when you enter the property is the welcoming atmosphere that the lobby portrays. Even with a hotel atmosphere, the Clarion Suites manages to provide their guests with the feeling that they are entering a private home. A friendly staff member stands ready to confirm your reservation and welcome you to one of their spacious rooms.

Clarion Suites Rooms are Comfortable

Guests choosing the Clarion Suites will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that there is free WiFi for them to stay connected with their families back at home. After settling in to the air conditioned room, guests are usually quick to try out the outdoor pool as they take advantage of the Florida sunshine. While the parents hang out by the pool, their kids can be seen making a beeline to the game room that appears to be calling their name.

Most rooms come equipped with a coffee maker that can also brew a pot of tea and if necessary the guest can also place a quick iron on their favorite evening attire. Sleeping late may not be on the agenda, but with heavy drapes that can turn day into night and a “do not disturb” sign on the door, you can stay in bed as long as you want to.

Clarion Suites Maingate has Great Amenities

Just like the rest of the hotel, rooms are also equipped with high speed Internet service, for your convenience. After a tiring day at the theme parks, guests can relax in the tub or head back to the pool. All rooms are equipped with televisions and they usually have an extensive line of premium, sports and HBO channels to entertain you. Whether you are simply trying to save money by preparing your own meals or you are on a budget with a large family, most rooms come equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave.

Start your day off in the lobby, breakfast where guests are treated to hot/cold coffee, tea, juice and a variety of pastries, before heading off to spend the day with Mickey and Minnie. Larger parties can also request adjoining rooms to maximize their comfort. You probably won’t be in the room much, but it will be time well spent.

How to Save on a Disney World Vacation Package

Stilt Walker at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Stilt Walker at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney World in Orlando, Florida is the most desired destination to vacation for a family. Every year thousands of families head down to Florida to enjoy a Disney World timeshare promotion package and visit Mickey Mouse and friends. Parents are always searching to try and find the best Disney vacation deals around. This article will tell you a great way to save on a Disney Vacation package that you won’t want to miss!

Vacation Ownership Savings on Disney World Vacation Packages

One of the best ways a family can save money is by staying at a timeshare. Timeshares are typically a resort condominium unit which multiple parties hold rights to use the property. It is basically a vacation home under a time sharing agreement. Most owners of a time share normally vacation at the property the same time every year allowing the other owners to do the same. A timeshare is a real estate purchase but instead of owning the entire property, you only own and pay for a share of the property. These are lifetime vacations at affordable prices for families to enjoy.

A top rated condo timeshare is awaiting you in Orlando, Florida. Silver Lake Resort has offers for special Disney packages that you can’t find anywhere else. Silver Lake Resort is a five star timeshare resort right near Disney and has been awarded the Gold Crown Resort. It is recognized for its superior quality and outstanding hospitality. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is conveniently right in The Resort’s backyard.

Fantastic Offers Available with Timeshare

Timeshare resorts  have an excellent offer for you and your family visiting Disney. They offer two free Disney tickets, a restaurant gift card, with a one or two bedroom Disney World timeshare condo package for four days and three nights starting at just $199! That is one heck of a deal since Disney tickets alone can cost you hundreds of dollars. In order for you to receive this special offer, you must attend a timeshare tour.

There is no obligation to purchase anything but you must meet certain requirements. A few of the requirements are that you must be a couple ages 25-68, or a single woman age 30-68 with an income of 50K+, must speak English, must own a credit card, and must attend a 120 minute time share tour. You will not qualify if you have toured the same resort previously and only one promotional package per family or group may apply. There are many packages to choose from at various resorts which will save your family a lot of money and all you need to do is check out their timeshare preview. It is a fun, informative experience and one that may interest you in the possibility of purchasing some real estate in the future.

What’s New at the Magic Kingdom?

Entrance to the 'Be Our Guest Restaurant' at the new Fantasyland area of the Magic Kingdom
Entrance to the ‘Be Our Guest Restaurant’ at the new Fantasyland area of the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom’s recent expansion at Fantasyland has witnessed the addition of new Disney characters and enriched stories based on two enchanting themes; the Storybook Circus and Enchanted Forest. The best Walt Disney World timeshare promotions have made family fun ever more fulfilling at Disney World. Walt Disney’s The Lands of Magic Kingdom also features Main Street USA, Adventureland, Libertyland, Tomorrowland, Liberty Square, Frontierland and Mickey’s Toontownfair.

The Enchanted Forest – Fantasyland

The Enchanted Forest provides attractions such as; Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid, Gaston’s Tavern, Ariel’s Grotto, Be-Our-Guest Restaurant and Enchanted-Tales with Belle. The attraction Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid is dedicated to Ariel and Prince Eric. The area has a big pool where visitors can plunge into the depths of the colorful water mass. Visitors also get to listen and experience Little Mermaids memorable songs and magical moments. Be-Our-Guest Restaurant is situated at the foot of the Beast Castle; the restaurant has 3 French inspired dining locales. The Enchanted Tales with Belle provides an ambiance and refreshing pavilion, where visitors get to meet Belle and a chance to be part of the Beauty and the Beast play cast.

Gaston’s Tavern is one of New Fantasyland’s quick service eateries. It is at the Belle’s Village; the new joint does not serve alcohol, but theres an apple frozen fusion brew known as LeFou’s. The other menu delights include light mango foam and toasted marshmallow. The Princes Fairytale Hall opened in late 2013, and features princess’s Cinderella, Hall and Aurora at the entrance. Walt Disney’s New Fantasyland train “The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train” is slated for roll out sometime this year and you will need Magic Kingdom tickets timeshare for discounts.

The Storybook Circus

The Storybook Circus is a classical American circus quarter that is spiritually absorbed in the Dumbo Disney film theme. The Storybook Circus evokes the flashback period, when big colorful tent were the essence of popular attractions filled with majestic animals, great entertainment and aerobatics. The other attractions at the Storybook Circus include The Barnstormer, Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station, Fantasyland Station, and Pete’s Silly Side-Show.

The Barnstormer is themed on Goofy’s squeaky playground, called the “Great Goofini”. Shows can be viewed at the great circus tent and guests can get a feel of the New Fantasyland by flying over using one of Goofy’s stunt planes. The other new attraction is Dumbo the Flying Elephant. The feature theme follows on the footsteps of the 1971 animated classical movie, Dumbo the Flying Elephant. The Dumbo ride has been transformed with an addition of 2 pairs of circling elephants.

The Fantasyland Station features a railroad where visitors ride on a magical classical train. Pete’s Silly Sideshow is design as a meet and greeting area. Visitors also get to meet Goofy, Minnie the circus star, Donald the snake charmer and the fortune teller Daisy. The Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station, on the other, is a circus themed water-pool and kid’s recreational area; where kids get to enjoy the enchantments of playing in serene cool waters.

Diagon Alley Coming to Universal Studios Florida – Harry Potter Attractions

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida

Are you a huge fan of the Harry Potter films? Do you secretly imagine yourself in Harry’s world, fighting off dementors and facing Voldemort with the courage of the most powerful wizard of all? Maybe you just love the idea of waving your wand and having doors magically unlock before your very eyes? No matter what type of Harry Potter fan you may be, you are going to love what Universal Studios is planning for Summer 2014.

Diagon Alley, with all of it’s magical charm and mystery, is the next addition planned for Harry Potter’s world at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Expect to immerse yourself in the most interactive animation technology available yet. It will be the closest thing to feeling like you are actually part of this land of wizards and witches and dragons, oh my!

Popular Harry Potter Attractions

Picture entering Gringotts Vault in a Victorian-style open-air coaster car, and let your imagination run wild. This is a roller coaster, 3D story ride where you should be prepared for anything and anyone. Here, you can expect to encounter many ups and downs in these fabled vaults. Who knows whether or not you will meet any goblins or dark wizards. Perhaps you will be forced to use your wizardly power to fight a fire-breathing dragon, or maybe you will even have to face the darkest wizard of all! If you survive that experience, consider taking a moment to catch your breath as you ride the Hogwarts Express on your way to Hogsmeade Station and more Harry Potter attractions. After all, Hermione, Harry, Ron and all their friends always had a smooth, uneventful journey, didn’t they? Perhaps you ought to stuff a bar of chocolate in your pocket just to be on the safe side. You never know when you might need it.

Authentic Harry Potter Food

Once you have had enough adventuring for the day, perhaps you would like to eat something a little more substantial than chocolate. Head over to the Leaky Cauldron, and enjoy some authentic British-style fish and chips.

If you are thoroughly cast under a spell after your first experience with Diagon Alley, consider getting your very own interactive magic wand at Ollivander’s Wand Shop before continuing your journey through the rest of this magical land of wizardry. If Universal is as successful as they hope to be at creating interactive surprises throughout the world of Harry Potter, this will be one of the most magical and inventive attractions ever.

How to Get the Most out of your Orlando Travel Package

Aladdin and the Genie in Celebrate Dreams Come True Parade

Aladdin and the Genie in Celebrate Dreams Come True Parade at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Traveling to Orlando, Florida can be a very expensive family vacation! When you factor in the cost of getting there, accommodations, theme park tickets and meals, it really adds up. However there are ways to save money on your Orlando vacation! When you make the smart financial decision to purchase a travel package, the Orlando holiday you have been dreaming of can become a reality.

If you are wondering what the components of a timeshare package to Orlando, Florida include, we will outline them for you!

Travel Packages Include Theme Park Tickets

The primary reason people visit Orlando is to head to the theme parks! The entry tickets to these parks are extremely costly. When you add in the cost of accommodations at a local hotel, the cost of the vacation can be out of financial reach for most people.

However there is a very cost effective alternative! When you purchase an Orlando vacation package, the vacation of your dreams is now affordable! The travel package includes both your accommodations as well as tickets to the Orlando theme parks! Your will stay will be in a condominium at a time share resort that is in close proximity to Disney World!

The benefits of staying in a condo are numerous! You will be enjoying the same great tropical Florida weather and the world-class Orlando theme parks, for a fraction of the cost of staying in a nearby hotel! Condos can also accommodate the number of people in your party! You can choose to stay in a studio, one, two or three bedroom unit! This gives the adults the privacy they would not get in a typical hotel room, all while saving money!

Vacation Packages May be Tailored

Whether you want to stay two nights or two weeks, an Orlando vacation package can be tailored to fit your needs. When you conveniently combine your stay in a condominium with theme park tickets, you will find the cost savings to be substantial. Your family can be in Orlando much sooner than you think.

When you want to take the family or your significant other on their dream vacation, why not make it more affordable by booking an Orlando travel package? You will enjoy all the comforts of home in a condominium while staying near Disney World. Plus your package will include theme park tickets! Now that’s affordable! So why not check out an Orlando travel package today? You will be glad you did!

Check out to learn about Orlando and to view their travel guide.

Where to Stay While Visiting Disney World

The Little Mermaid at the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom

The Little Mermaid at the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom 

With all of the hotels crammed into Orlando, Florida, consider staying at the Silver Lake Resort on your next visit. This is a comfortable resort with gorgeous grounds that is located only about seven miles from the Walt Disney World Resort. You cannot get any closer than this as the Walt Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park is only two miles from this resort and also close to shopping and other attractions in the Central Florida area. You will love the simple access for traveling to other attractions that this resort provides and the staff is friendly and ready to help.

The Silver Lake Resort provides 468 comfortable and clean villas that you may choose and condominiums offering various arrangements such as units that provide up to three bedrooms, some with two baths and a full or kitchen. Some of the spacious villas are equipped with living and dining room, kitchen, private balcony, and can sleep up to twelve individuals. The condominiums may offer two bedrooms with two baths, full kitchen, a living and dining area, large master bedroom and a washer and dryer as well. You will find the décor up to date with flat screen televisions on the wall and there are DVD players in some units.

If traveling alone, you will feel secure as the staff is courteous and attentive. Some of the units sleep up to two and come with a coffee maker, refrigerator and a microwave. The Silver Lake Resort is wonderful to simply relax, soak up some sun or enjoy their activities. There is even a small gift shop that stocks nearly everything and there is an outdoor cabana bar so you can also eat something or enjoy a cocktail.

The amenities you will receive are enormous. Not only do you have access to a physical fitness area but they also provide a business center where you can access the Internet, a computer or printer. The hotel offers 24 hour security. Some rooms offer laundry facilities and free movies are shown twice a day at the hotel’s movie theater. There are tennis courts, three heated pools that include one for children and a children’s playground with activities. For convenience you can also purchase various attraction tickets at the hotel.

Be sure to visit the hotel’s website as occasionally they will offer packages which include a good choice of accommodations that include adult and/or child tickets to the Disney Parks (some include admissions to either the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom or Epcot Center).

This resort is in an absolutely perfect location and it is well maintained. The check-in is fast and simple, provides great security and the amenities needed for any length of stay.

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